The happiness and well-being of loved ones is vital. Families and friends do their best to support these people in their lives – especially when they experience old age, ill health, infirmity or disability.

Yet despite the best efforts, the demands of transport, medical appointments and hospital or residential care transitions can become hard to handle.

And if you’re a patient with no help to hand, the need is even greater.

If this happens, you need someone you can trust. Someone who is:

  • Understanding – to appreciate your individual needs.
  • Flexible – to cater to your unique situation.
  • Knowledgeable – to give you expert, professional service.
  • Reliable – to guarantee help when you need it.
  • Discrete – to respect your privacy.

Someone from Call on Clare.

Call on Clare is a unique, specialist mobile service developed exclusively to relieve the stress and anxiety of meeting demanding health care schedules and tailored to the specific support requirements of you or your loved one.

With Call on Clare, you’re not alone.

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