The Best Home Care Service

Call on Clare is a unique specialist mobile service, tailored to your specific support requirements. It was developed exclusively to relieve the stress and anxiety of meeting the demands of your or your loved one’s health care schedule.

In January 2009, Clare Cotter created Call on Clare in response to her own personal experience.

Basic in-home care was available from many sources. Yet there was no effective help in times when medical knowledge, nursing training and professional care would enable clearer communication to make life easier. Times like organising and attending stressful events such as specialist medical appointments or day surgery.

Over time, we added other services (such as wardrobe management and care at social events) in response to needs and requests.

Our Staff are qualified Division 1 Nurses with the expertise to understand physical needs, communicate/negotiate effectively with medical personnel and provide accurate and comprehensive follow-up information.

Our detailed notes on every booking are available to medical professionals, hospitals, facilities, families and trustees.

The happiness and well-being of those we love is always of great importance to us.

As families and friends, we do our best to support them in their lives – particularly those experiencing ill health, infirmity or disability.

Yet there are times when the demands of transport, medical appointments, hospital admissions and discharges become impossible for families to meet alone. You need someone you can trust.

Whether you’re an independent person needing assistance, a family member/carer, a hospital/facility or a medical professional, Call on Clare is available to you now.

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