Professional Liaisons

At Call on Clare, our goal is to deliver the best and most appropriate service to our clients. Whether it si working with GPs, specialist doctors, hospitals, or coordinating other services, Call on Clare Staff are committed to ensuring the highest of professional standards.

Call on Clare has established liaisons with many Health Professional – both Public and Private and provides a supporting service to Discharge Planners, GPs, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and other allied Health Workers.

Call on Clare provides discharge support for patients for the initial 24 hours and ensures that all services as organised by Hospital Discharge planners are implemented and effective.

Call on Clare staff are able to provide personal and nursing care, and support the patient in their transition from hospital to home. This service allows hospitals to effectively plan their discharges and make beds more readily available to new patients.

Call on Clare provides the following interim services;

  • Transport from hospital to home
  • Unpack belongings and wash clothes
  • Provide basic housekeeping
  • Ensure medication taken and scripts filled
  • Specialised nursing (oxygen therapy, insulin medication, wound management and pain management)
  • Liaise with GP, health professional as needed
  • Ensure adequate and appropriate nutritional meals and fluids
  • Liaise with appropriate family members.
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