At Call on Clare, we make life easier for patients (clients) and their family and friends.

Our complementary services see us:

  • Accompany clients to medical appointments.
  • Support them through day procedures and surgery.
  • Provide post-operative care.
  • Support longer hospital stays.
  • Help with shopping and styling.
  • Help prepare for and attend events.
  • Provide palliative care in the home.
  • Tailor case management support programs to individual circumstances.

This suite of services is personalised and exemplary in every way. Click the links to learn more!

Transport with Care

We can make your life easier by:

  • Accompanying you or a family member to medical appointment.
  • Supporting you through day surgery.
  • Assisting with preparing for and attending social events, including Shopping and Styling.
  • Managing the complexity of arrangements associate with Domiciliary and/or lifestyle transitions
  • Negotiating tailor - made support programs specific to your circumstance.

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Medical Appointment

Attending appointments can be very stressful. Getting there’s only half the battle. Grasping jargon and asking the right questions can also be difficult. As can recalling and relating information accurately to the satisfaction of carers and loved ones.

Many people like to be independent – using trusted support only when needed. If no friends or family members are available to help with an appointment, Call on Clare is there.

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Day Procedures

Day procedures and surgery can be more difficult than they seem.

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Longer Hospital Stays

Healthcare Transport for Hospital Patients

Call On Clare offers a wonderful service for longer hospital stays, aimed to make returning to your regular life at home as easy as possible.

From the daily items around the house that may otherwise go unattended, to getting you home from your hospital stay and helping you settle in, Call On Clare provide the best in care for those longer stays.

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